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Featured Services

  • Wound Care

    Patients find hope and healing through our advanced wound healing techniques and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  • Women’s Diagnostic Center

    Experienced caring professionals and the latest in imaging technology give women test results you can trust.

  • Heart Care

    As the first and only provider of life-saving heart care procedures, our comprehensive cardiac program improves and saves lives.

  • Back & Neck Pain Center

    Back and neck pain can affect your quality of life in every way. Our talented specialists provide lasting relief and solutions for solutions for those who suffer from spinal injuries cause by nerve injury, strained muscles, damaged joints and other causes.

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What To Expect

  • Overnight Visitors

    Designated family members or friends of our patients are allowed to spend the night in their loved ones room. We provide a sleeper unit, private restroom and bedding.

  • Mission Centered Staff

    We believe providing healthcare services is a sacred calling. Our physicians & employees choose to be here because they have a passion for providing whole-person care.

  • Peaceful Environment

    We believe that quiet and natural beauty can help our patients and their loved ones navigate their hospital experience. Our hospital is full of natural light, comfortable private patient rooms and waiting areas.

  • Healthy Food

    Nutritious food is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Café Padrino, our vegetarian café, offers fresh, vibrant and nourishing meals to our employees and visitors. Each patient is entitled to consultations with our friendly dietitians!

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Working for LLUMC-Murrieta is more than a job, it’s a calling. We seek professionals who excel in their fields and have a heart for patient-centered care.

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